FSU Welcomes International Students & Scholars from Around the World

Update: Travel, Vaccine, Quarantine, and Visas during COVID-19

CGE’s International Student & Scholar Services office is open Monday–Friday (M–F) from 8 am–5 pm for document pick up and quick questions.
Students can submit SSN Forms, travel signature requests, CPT/OPT applications, etc. through NoleStart and do not need to go to the CGE.

CLICK HERE to schedule a Zoom-in Advising Appointment (from 2–4 pm, M–F)

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Center for Global Engagement

  • Student & Scholar Spotlights

    The Center for Global Engagement serves incredible international students, scholars, and domestic students who engage in our programs to expand their intercultural knowledge and develop into well-rounded global citizens.

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  • Wen-Chie Shie, Ph.D.

    Wen-Chi Shie, FSU alumna from Taiwan, recently joined the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy (COSSPP)’s Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS) Program as a visiting assistant teaching professor after completing her Ph.D. in public administration in summer 2021.

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  • Sara V. Young

    Sara Young, current Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) student and FSU senior pursuing a dual bachelor’s degree in psychology and East Asian studies, received a Global Citizenship Certificate Scholarship and will participate in a Global Exchange at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, during spring 2022. 

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  • Maryam Takalou

    Maryam Takalou – international student from Tehran, Iran, and FSU Fine Art Scholarship winner – acknowledges how her experience at FSU helped her define her path to becoming a fine arts professor. 

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  • Cassidy Willever

    Cassidy Willever, Global Citizenship Certificate (GCC) and FSU alumna pursuing a master’s in demography, claims her active involvement in the GCC program prepared her to pursue graduate school here at Florida State University. 

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  • Amit Kumar Nath

    Amit Kumar Nath, international student from Bangladesh pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science, is conducting research to inform the design of next-generation photo organization and retrieval tools that will improve user experiences. 

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  • Chanelle Dupuis

    Chanelle Dupuis is a senior that has been very active within the Global Citizenship Certificate throughout her undergraduate career.

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  • Casey Johnson

    Beyond Borders Alumnus Casey Johnson, currently pursuing his master’s degree in radiation biology at the University of Oxford, claims his experience with the program helped him to develop a global mindset and was a major talking point in his interview for graduate school.

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  • Willa van Dijk

    Dr. Willa van Dijk, a distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow from The Netherlands, contributes to FSU’s research on preventing reading failure in children with special needs and students who have difficulties reading through her work with the Department of Psychology. 

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  • Lili Hurioglu

    Dr. Lili Hurioglu, a Postdoctoral Fellow at FSU's Learning Systems Institute (LSI), moved to FSU from Turkey to pursue her dream of practicing world-class research in an international setting. Hurioglu’s current work is based on Cognitively Guided Instruction; she evaluates students’ math achievements and teachers’ outcomes.

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  • Maggie Ng

    Maggie Ng, Marketing and Management Information Sciences double major, completed her Global Exchange at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England in spring 2020.

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